Fluffy has weekly appointments at the Doggie Spa.  Fido gets his own play-dates and outfits for every occasion.  

Although Bella had the best dog bed that money can buy, she never uses it.  Uh pleez, she sleeps in your bed of course.  And she gets more space. 

Love is a four-legged word.



How Pet insurance works

Pay your vet bill. 

Submit a claim. 

Get cash back. 


Customize a plan to fit your needs

Full Coverage (with optional add on Preventive Care) or Accident Only Coverage

Annual deductible

Reimbursement %

Annual Coverage Limit


    Full coverage includes



    Hereditary Conditions

    Behavioral Issues

    and more

    full coverage does not include

    Breeding Costs

    Pre-Existing Conditions

    Cosmetic Procedures

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